Course Release: September 1st!

Who This Course Is For

If you have children in your life that you love and want to open a musical journey with them, this course is for you! This could include parents, caregivers, teachers, music instructors, etc. For a limited time, you can get an early bird special price at $35 ($56 value)

What You Will Be Learning

This course will lay a foundation for a child's future musical journey.

- The Adults's Mindset - Rhythm - Improvisation - Musical Elements - Structured Songs - Dance!

How is this course different than other music classes?

Most music classes are goal-oriented such as getting your kid to learn piano. This might give a sense of accomplishment at first but this success or failure environment can be stressful for kids. Also, while learning to play an instrument is fun, I place a higher value on skills like understanding rhythm, improvisation vs structure, and the freedom to create without judgment. If a child grows up desiring to learn an instrument, a dance, or just be comfortable at the local club, these are the skills they need. Also, coming from a Respectful Parenting background, this course includes specific ways parents can inspire growth instead of forcing it.

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What To Expect

  • Easy to follow exercises to get you learning music and dance

  • Lifetime Access

  • No musical background required. Open to everyone!

  • Support! Access to Private Facebook Community.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome! Join The Community

    • The Best Way To Find Support

    • 1min. Survey To Help Me Out

  2. 2
    • A Little Bit About Myself

    • What You Will Be Learning

    • My Favorite Music Genre For Children

  3. 3
    • Overview - A Bit About Your Child's Brain

    • Tip #1 Change Yourself First.

    • Tip #2 Stay Fun

    • Tip #3 Your Child, The Leader.

    • Tip # 4 More Ways To Integrate

  4. 4
    • Intro

    • All About Tempo.

    • The Alternating Beat

    • Syncopation

    • Now Freeze!

    • Putting It All Together.

  5. 5
    • Contrasting Elements: Loud to Soft or Fast to Slow

    • Rhyming (pre-song writing)

  6. 6
    • Introducing Improvisation

    • The Number 1 Rule To Improvisation

    • Having A Band Jam

  7. 7
    • Why Do We Want To Learn Structured Songs?

    • Our Favorite Structured Songs

    • Improving A Structured Song: Using ABC Song

  8. 8
    • Overview

    • Step #1: The Stomp

    • Step #2: Twist The Hips

    • Step #3: Knee Slap

    • Step #4 Ball Change

    • Step #5 Jazz Splits

    • Full Routine Including Freestyle Elements

  9. 9
    • Books We Love

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Meet Sarah

Hello! I am a Swing Dance world instructor as well as a Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner in Idaho. I have two boys (8 and 3) and have had a blast raising them with the idea that they can turn any thought and feeling into music. I can't wait to share my experience with you.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access to the program?

    Purchasing this course guarantees lifetime access.

  • When does it start?

    Once you enroll, you will have access to a welcome video that prompts you to our private Facebook community along with a continuously growing recourse section including items like our favorite musical books for kids.

  • Is there a money-back gaurantee?

    Glad you asked! If you find no value in this course, I am happy to give you a full refund - no questions asked!

  • As a parent, do I need to be good at music and dance to do this?

    Absolutely not. In fact, this course is FOR adults. I first teach YOU the lesson material and show you how to implement it into activities with kids.