Which styles & levels match your goals?

Going from beginner to advanced has never been easier. We've created a three level progression, for each style, that is focused on skill building instead of just learning more and more moves. You can choose to focus on one level at a time and learn multiple styles OR one style at a time and progress through the levels.

  • Level 1

    Moves & Flow

    We start out by learning to flow using popular moves, basic footwork, and excellent technique so you can start dancing with ease and confidence.
  • Level 2

    Stylings & Decoration

    We then learn to add footwork and body movement variation to your moves so you can start dancing with more personal style and variety.
  • Level 3

    Concepts & Creativity

    Lastly we learn to apply powerful concepts to your moves and stylings so you can start dancing with more musicality and creativity.

Heads Up!

We are in the middle of building all new courses with our latest technique and ideas. Many courses are under construction which means you can get a 50% discount the courses a la carte price while you wait.

Learn to Dance Basic Swing

Basic Swing is fun to dance and easy to learn. It works well to medium to fast tempo music and is pretty low impact on the body. This isn’t really an “original” style as mush as it is just a highly simplified and natural approach to partner dancing. This makes it the most useful style to have in your back pocket for social dancing. We seriously recommend everyone start with Basic Swing before attempting other partnered styles. It’s not to be under estimated!

Learn to Dance Solo Jazz

Solo Jazz embraces the spirit of swing without needing a partner. It works well to all tempos and can quickly become a serious workout. Learning solo jazz is the best way to bring style to your partner dancing. If you’re serious about becoming a great dancer, you’ll have to learn Solo Jazz.

Learn to Dance Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is a playful partner dance that exudes sophistication and style. While it can be challenging to master, the feeling of accomplishment when you get the hang of it is nothing short of magical. It’s ideal when social dancing to slow to medium tempo music, but it can be taken to extreme speeds for jams, shows, and competitions. This is the the most popular style you’ll find on the social dance floor.

Learn to Dance Balboa

Balboa is a smooth and subtle… most of the time! It’s a life saver when the music is fast and space is limited. With its low-impact movements and small step sizes, it's easy on the body. However, the close proximity to your partner and the need for precise footwork can make it challenging to learn, especially for those without much partnering experience. If you're a fan of hot jazz, stylish attire, and intricate footwork, then Balboa is definitely the dance for you.

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