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We’ve have over 20 years experience working with people of all ages and all skill levels. It’s our goal to create a customized experience that focuses on your goal, be it learning to boogie in your living room with your sweetheart or win a major competition.

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*NEW* Women Only Country/Swing/Blues Solo Classes!

February 2023

Styles We Teach

We teach swing dancing, but we break it up into 6 unique styles.

Basic Swing
Solo Jazz
Lindy Hop

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About Dax & Sarah

Meet this Team

Hi, we are Dax and Sarah. We’ve spend about 15 years traveling the world as headliner teachers at international swing dance festivals and competitions. Those were wildly exciting times, as a young couple in love dancing for 10 hours a day. Now, as the passionate parents of two amazing little boys, nothing beats the slow life, with tons of family time, surrounded by great nature, in our beloved Boise!

While our travel schedule has slowed, our growth as dancers has never been more exciting. We now focus our teaching efforts on our online dance school Rhythm Juice, and teaching private lessons to anyone curious about Swing Dancing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, and Solo Jazz.

Ready to Dance and Have Some Fun?

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What Students Are Saying

  • "A true professional..."

    Dax is both a gentleman and true professional swing dance instructor who brings a tremendous amount of value, friendliness, patience, knowledge, and experience to his class. Love his approach to no judgment dancing (which in turn made everyone a braver dancer) and his Rie method dancing rules. Dax kept repeating the basic rules and steps of swing with different examples (shoveling and teapot dipping moves) which really helped with learning the swing body movement. I highly recommend...
    - Dion C

  • "Easy Going FUN..."

    There is a philosophy behind the way to get better and Sarah and Dax have the easy-going FUN key to get you there. Dax and his life to dance comparisons help keep it straightforward and,thus, easy to translate from your head to your feet. Always leave there "dance enlightened."
    - Chrissy O

  • "Best Dance Teachers..."

    Prepare to learn and sweat and realize how much more you can learn. Best dance teachers (best dancers) you can imagine. Your body will hear the music and feel your partner like never before. Great studio, great views, super energy!
    - Linda S

  • My local teachers highly recommended to try out Rhythmjuice during the corona epidemic. I really liked how Dax and Sarah explain the basic groove, stretch, and build the fundamentals on top of that. They really seem to know what they are talking about. My fundamentals have skyrocketed during this spring.​ - Milla

  • My husband and I have been students of Dax and Sarah for approximately 3 years now, driving (6 hrs) every month just to take Lindy Hop/ Charleston swing dancing lessons from them. They have given us high-quality instruction second to none in our experience and opinion. Since taking lessons with Dax and Sarah, my husband and I have gone on to win or consistently place in national advanced level competitions, we have won an international competition​

  • Dax & Sarah are some of the best Lindy Hop (Swing Dance) teachers in the world. I am a World Champion Swing dancer & have taken from 49 of the 52 swing instructors teaching at Frankie 100 (the biggest swing event in the world). Not trying to brag, just giving you some perspective on my knowledge. These two are cream of the crop for Lindy Hop. - Andrew S

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Where are the lessons held?

Our preference is to use our dance studio at our house. It’s a large 50×25 ft room, with wood floors, mirrors, and vaulted ceilings. 

We also have commercial studio options for an additional rental fee when working with groups over 4. 

Lastly, we can come to you as well for an additional fee.

How many people can be in the private lesson?

You can include up to 4 people in the lesson and share the cost. If you prefer to work as a group larger than 4, we would consider this a private group class, and ask that you contact us to discuss the details.

Do I need a partner?

No. You can work with us individually, however, we recommend working with a partner so you have someone to practice with, plus, you can share the cost of the lesson between the two of you. 

Do you teach total beginners?

Absolutely. We have extensive experience helping people who have zero dance experience, discover the joy of dancing, in a phase of life where they thought it was too late to ever learn. If this is you, your in good care. Trust us. 🙂

I've never done a private lesson, what's the experience like?

The experience is highly customized and very engaging. It is mostly a reflection of what you imagine your ideal learning experience to be. 

For some, it might be a lot banter, cracking jokes, talking about the week, playing music, doing some fun steps, and enjoying the dance and social aspect in a casual manner. 

For others, it might be drilling movements, sweating, pushing the limits, filming, reviewing videos, and fine-tuning technique. 

If you take the lesson alone, you will do a lot of dancing with the teacher. If you take the lesson with a partner, you will dance with both the teacher and your partner. 

Emotionally, we are super positive, encouraging, and humourous by default. If for some reason you respond best to a more strict learning environment, we can always crank up the heat at your request.

Will you come to our house or location?

If you have a dance space at your home or a location you want us to come to, this can be arranged for an additional price. Contact us for details.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

All lessons will require a mask. We require hand sanitizer or hand washing upon arrival. 

All first lesson appointments are booked 1 week ahead, and we ask that you take precautions during that time to reduce the risk of exposure. 

We also have a very limited clientele and focus on more repeat lessons with fewer people. This is why we don’t allow for direct booking of appointments on our website. 

Staying safe is a group effort on our side as well as yours.